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May 30, 2020

Achieving Lovely Looking Lips

It is well documented that a woman's smile is one of the first and most important features others notice. We all dream and love the idea of full,beautiful, soft lips. Makeup and skincare has developed so many products to help create that look.

Over the past few decades, there became a popular idea to pout out the lips by pressing them together for posing. This phenomenon became a trend extending to celebrities and teenage selfies. Red carpet poses and social media reflected it, and very quickly, lip fillers became introduced to help women achieve this look more permanently.

The trend is over ladies.


Sadly, I see so many women now coming to correct the “Duck Lips” or"Homer Simpson lips" that showcase a look that was a fast-fading phenomenon.

The truth is, Duck lips are not a look our culture loves or is a trend that considered chic anymore. A big part of my job is correctional work to minimize volume above the top lip or below the bottom lip that is, well, just too much. It is heartbreaking to see women who are so disappointed with the far from natural lip fillers that have not achieved the results they had hoped for. I've had to dissolve a lot of bad work and re-inject properly when it comes to lip fillers.

As much as I love to help correct, you might as well get it done right the first time! I love to educate my patients and spend time gaging your goals to offer solutions that provide you with the best results.

The most common worry women now have is that lip injections may not look natural. The beautiful thing about lip fillers is that they do not have to protrude or project your lips outwards. It is the technique and the product that can help you achieve beautiful full lips with enhanced height and eversion that will give you natural-looking results.


Medical Aesthetics has evolved into an artistry, and if you go to the right professional with the knowledge, experience and training, you can get natural-looking results. You want a professional who aligns with your vision,communicates and listens, and captures your goal to feel and look your best so everyone notices, but no one knows what you did.


Choosing the right filler is so important! At Victoria Rose Aesthetics, we only use hyaluronic acid fillers that are specialized for lip injections. Our lips move a lot, so you want the appropriate concentration and the right placement to ensure your fillers will move along with them, and above all else enhance your smile, not prevent it!

We all want full lips that are soft and showcase our smile. Natural-looking results can help you feel naturally beautiful. Do your research before choosing a clinic and injector for your lip filler.

Still have questions about how to correct or achieve full and naturally beautiful lips? Reach out!


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