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Jan 6, 2020

New Year,Time To Reset

It’s that time of year again! Are you getting your New Year’s resolutions list going?

The pressure is on because guess what? There is a new decade here! This fact may be super inspiring or scaring you to death thinking about what you want for the next ten years of life. We also are fully aware we are ten years older than the last decade! Where does the time go? \ Imagining your life and looks for the next decade and what it will hold probably has you thinking about setting goals for your own self-care to allow you to enjoy all those dreams for love, life, and success.

I know every one of us aspires to get better at our own self-care practices and hopes we will age gracefully and beautifully. Most of us hope our skin will be timeless in some capacity! The focus on our own self-care for mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing has never been so poignantly manifested in our minds.

WAIT! Don’t worry! I got you. The timing of my business website and branding launch could not be more perfect to help you with your own goals. Are you ready to make YOU the most important new year goal you have?

When setting your goals for YOU at the beginning of this decade, I wasn’t kidding when I said I had you covered. I have so many options for helping you feel ready and rejuvenated whether it be to get through a harsh winter, prepare for the special event this year, or simply make your investment in your skin that you will always be thankful you did.

Not sure where to start in making your Skin Resolutions? I recommend these 3 commitments to launch your Rejuvenation and beautification routines. Remember it takes only 21 days to instill a good habit!

1 . Skin Care Boot Camp is a must!

While I am excited to see you for a treatment boost, 80% of what you do for your skin begins at home, not in my lavish clinic. If you have not invested in a skincare process with products that are proven to be effective and intentionally love your skin this is your number one MUST DO.

2 . SPF without exception!

It may feel like the dull of winter is upon us but your skin still needs protecting! There are fantastic products that are easy two-steps in one process. Save time and make sure you cover up your beautiful face with protection.

3 . Make a skin treatment plan!

Book with me to discuss what areas of your skin concern you, your budget and time considerations. I can work with you to weave all of these criteria to find a procedure or treatment plan that works to boost your beauty and have you feeling ready for the year and decade ahead. Contact me for a free consult!

Resolutions that begin with your own self-care and confidence are key to interconnect to all your other goals. Your skin deserves the love this year. Let’s get Going


The perfect gift.