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Apr 22, 2020

SPF. Every. Day.

If you are anything like me, you have felt like you have had quite enough of indoor self-isolation. Staying home and looking out the window waiting for warmth and sunshine has never attached with it such a longing to be outdoors.

During the long winter months and even now during this time of quarantine, one part of my routine that has not changed is incorporating SPF into my morning skincare routine. The truth is that SPF should never be something you only consider in the summer months. Shielding your skin from harmful UV rays is essential, and the best way to do that is with SPF protection every day all year long.

I love the sunshine and the Vitamin D it brings. But that beautiful ball in the sky we love that may be feeling so great for our emotional wellbeing, but our skin doesn't love it or feel those benefits.

At all.

Not to be a Debbie-downer - but when spring sunshine is in the air, you must heed more than ever a protective practice for your skin!

Your skin needs SPF every day.

Even if it is not sunny out or you are going to be doing your due diligence to stay home and stay indoors for a good portion of your day, SPF is your only real protection from the sun's harmful aging rays. It is your only defence from harmful rays penetrating your skin and triggering the multitude of potential risks sun damage can bring


In my last blog, Respecting the Power of Retinol LINK, I emphasized the importance of SPF is especially crucial when we use medical-grade products or have aesthetic treatments! So many fabulous therapies and products in medical and cosmetic aesthetics create an enhanced vulnerability for our skin, so SPF always is the golden rule for protecting your skin from that warm golden ball in the sky.

Radiant, glowing and healthy-looking skin is something we all want as we get older. Fine lines and wrinkles have significant prevention of premature aging for those who use SPF every day.

And let's face it. Not everyone ages the same. Our genetics, how your parents took care of your skin as a child and how you now take care of your skin can make a difference for your skin health. But if you are wondering what to expect throughout every decade, here are some general guidelines and aesthetic treatment plans to support you through it.

But beyond protecting your skin, SPF has many benefits for your skin also. Here are the top reasons why we need SPF. EVERY. DAY.

  1. SPF protects your skin from the sun's harmful aging rays
  2. SPF every day will speed up your skin's natural healing process by forming a protective shield
  3. Sun damage can lead to blotchiness on the skin surface or eruption of red veins.
  4. It also is a considerable preventative measure to avoid acne flare-up sand breakouts.
  5. The collagen and elastin in the skin are essential to your skin health and appearance. Wearing SPF every day will keep these essential skin proteins strong, and result in healthier, younger-looking skin.

My absolute favorite SPF also doubles as a primer. I use the ZO Skin Health sunscreen + primer (SPF30) tinted cream. It is quick-drying, long-lasting and non-greasy, and offers excellent broad protection. You can apply after your moisturizer.

Another amazing option is Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 50 Tinted Powder Sunblock which doubles up as a sheer to medium coverage makeup.This great combo saves me a step and allows me to get my makeup started at the same time. I can simply add and reapply throughout the day a little hydrating mist to set a dewy look and a nice hydration boost throughout the day, and I am good to go!

SPF is your number one best "do at home" cosmetic option for smooth, beautiful and youthful skin long term. It is also the best way to optimize and prolong the results of your treatment and skincare regime.

Enjoy the spring sunshine all, but please, never without your SPF! Your skinwill thank you for it.

Still have questions? Let's chat SPF.


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