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Mesotherapy or Collagen Induction Therapy with ACS-PEN is a revolutionary treatment, which is equipped with a precision linear needle module. The procedure is done using the Advanced Cell Stimulation (ACS) device, it distinguishes itself from the other needling devices due to its use of the new precision linear needle module.

The ACS-PEN’s purpose is skin optimization by stimulation and proliferation of epidermal stem cells in the basal layer. Thanks to the new Linear Needle Module design, even at this maximum depth, no numbing cream is required. In contrast to common microneedling, the operation of the ACS-PEN is pain-free. The arrangement of 10 micro-needles in one line, (LNM), guarantees a precise treatment with no lasting redness or downtime. LNM allows you a very precise pricking. All LNM and Protection Cap are gamma sterilized.

ACS-Pen Microneedling at Victoria Rose Aesthetics Pickering Ontario

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