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With the Medical Aesthetics industry being one of the fastest growing industries, more and more health care practitioners are becoming interested in the world of cosmetic medicine. One of the biggest challenges I have witnessed throughout my teaching years with new practitioners entering into the industry, is finding the ability to separate oneself from the rest, and truly offer a unique service and expertise that goes above and beyond what others have to offer.

Injection Training

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Victoria Rose Cyr
Founder & CEO

Our training courses are designed to empower new practitioners to elevate their skills and enrich their professional journey. We prioritize natural-looking, stunning outcomes, emphasizing the art of aging gracefully and radiantly. With a focus on personalized care and transformative techniques, our experienced team equips participants with the tools and knowledge to deliver exceptional results. We believe in fostering confidence and wellness at every step, ensuring that practitioners leave feeling knowledgable and confident ready to make a positive impact in the field of facial aesthetics.

Victoria received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Degree at Ryerson University in 2013. She has over 10 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and has extensive experience working in medical aesthetics, as her experience was built while working in Plastic Surgery settings.

Victoria worked as a clinical instructor for Doctors and Nurses at the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine (CBAM) for several years, where she shared her knowledge and skills and used her expertise to help certify other medical providers in aesthetic injectables.

Victoria worked as a college professor for several years where she shared her knowledge and skills and used her expertise to help certify nurses in the field of aesthetic injectables.

Victoria has been the national clinical trainer in Canada over the past 5 years, specifically focused on educating on knowledge and skills related to Nuceiva and Teosyal cosmetic injectables. Victoria has visited the majority of the cosmetic clinics across Ontario who carry Teosyal and Nuceiva and has been the trainer for the doctors and nurses who work in these clinics.

Victoria is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest knowledge and skills. She prides herself on being an expert in her field, and demonstrates this through her continued love for continuing education. Victoria has travelled to Paris, Switzerland, New York, Atlanta, Vancouver, Montreal, Mexico, Monaco, Beverly Hills in order to train with the best providers in the world and bring back that knowledge to help her clients achieve the best results.

Injection Trainings

Available Courses

Private one-on-one Learning Experiences

Victoria Rose Aesthetics was established in 2017 with the goal to offer a Training Program that empowered and supported nurses & doctors to successfully and safely start a medical aesthetics practice. Victoria’s passion is teaching and this has been demonstrated through her past experience in helping develop and teach cosmetic training programs at Centennial College, Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, and Clarion Medical Technologies. The Victoria Rose Training Academy was created because Victoria discovered a gap in larger main-stream training schools: large class sizes and insufficient hands on training experience.


The beginner course in facial aesthetics provides foundational knowledge and practical skills for safe administration of neurotoxins and dermal fillers, covering facial anatomy, injection techniques, and patient assessment.

Experienced Injectors

For experienced injectors who have already completed basic Botox and filler certification with a training school, our advanced courses offer specialized training in specific areas of facial aesthetics.

Training FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginner courses

Our beginner courses are open to individuals with various backgrounds, including healthcare professionals and those interested in entering the field of facial aesthetics.

The beginner courses cover essential topics such as facial anatomy, the aging process, neurotoxin and dermal filler administration, patient assessment, and pre and post-treatment instructions.

    • No prior experience is required. The beginner courses are designed to provide a foundational understanding for individuals new to the field of facial aesthetics.

Participants receive hands-on training sessions under expert guidance, allowing them to develop practical skills in treatment preparation, injection techniques, and more.

Yes, participants who achieve a 90% pass grade on the final quiz will receive a certification accredited by our institution.

There are no specific prerequisites for the beginner courses. However, participants must have a keen interest in facial aesthetics and a desire to learn.

Yes, mentorship and shadowing opportunities may be available as add-ons to further enhance your learning experience.

We offer guidance on practice setup, marketing strategies, and business management to help participants establish successful aesthetic practices.

Yes, our courses provide opportunities for networking and collaboration with other participants, fostering a supportive learning community.

Exeperienced injectors

Experienced injectors who have already completed basic Botox and filler certification with a training school are eligible to enroll.

Each specialized course spans one full day of intensive instruction and hands-on practice.

Yes, participants have the flexibility to enroll in multiple specialized courses to further enhance their skills and expertise.

The specialized courses cover advanced techniques in lip augmentation, mid-face rejuvenation, buttock augmentation, lower face enhancements, tear trough corrections, and PRP therapy.

Yes, the specialized courses cover advanced topics in patient consultation, assessment, and personalized treatment planning.

Yes, participants who successfully complete the specialized courses will receive a certification accredited by our institution.

Yes, participants have the option to add on additional mentorship or shadowing hours to further enhance their learning experience.

Yes, the specialized courses are specifically designed for experienced injectors looking to expand their expertise in facial aesthetics.

Yes, we offer advanced training programs, continuing education courses, and specialized workshops to support ongoing professional development and skill enhancement.