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Skin Booster Microneedling

Skin Booster Microneedling is a state-of-the-art aesthetic procedure aimed at rejuvenating and enhancing the skin’s appearance. This minimally invasive treatment leverages fine needles to create controlled micro-injuries, stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin. The benefits include improved skin texture, diminished fine lines, and a rejuvenated glow. Our aesthetic clinic sets itself apart by utilizing advanced v2 Injector technology as it enhances micro-needling’s overall effectiveness, ensuring precision and accuracy for personalized and consistent delivery of skin-boosting solutions. 

We take pride in the expertise of our practitioners at Victoria Rose Aesthetic Clinic, who are trained to maximize the potential of the v2 Injector. This dedication ensures a safe, comfortable, and highly effective Skin Booster Microneedling experience.

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Acne Scars

By promoting skin renewal and cellular turnover, Skin Booster Microneedling  can improve the texture and appearance of acne scars.

Age Spots

Reduce the appearance of age spots by promoting the turnover of skin cells and encouraging the fading of pigmented areas.

Wrinkles + Fine Lines

Skin Booster Microneedling helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production

Medical Spa


By stimulating collagen production and promoting skin regeneration, Skin Booster Microneedling can help diminish the appearance of melasma.


Skin Booster Microneedling aids in reducing hyperpigmentation by promoting the turnover of skin cells and promote even pigmentation.

Sun Spots

Skin Booster Microneedling aids in repairing sun-damaged skin by promoting collagen synthesis and accelerating the turnover of skin cells.


Elevate and Revitalize Your Skin

Skin Booster Microneedling is a revolutionary aesthetic procedure designed to elevate and revitalize the skin. This minimally invasive treatment involves the use of fine needles to create controlled micro-injuries on the skin’s surface, triggering the body’s natural collagen and elastin production. This, in turn, leads to improved skin texture, reduced fine lines, and a radiant complexion. At Victoria Rose Aesthetics, we take this procedure a step further by employing cutting-edge v2 Injector technology. This advanced injector ensures precise and accurate microneedling, allowing for customized and consistent delivery of skin-boosting solutions. The v2 Injector enhances the overall efficacy of Beauty Booster/Skin Booster Microneedling, providing optimal results. Key components of this procedure include the fine needles, the v2 Injector, and the skin-boosting solutions carefully chosen to address individual skincare needs. This harmonious integration of technology and expertise distinguishes Beauty Booster/Skin Booster Microneedling as an advanced and effective solution for skin rejuvenation.

Beauty Booster/Skin Booster Microneedling delivers a multitude of benefits, ensuring a transformative experience for our clients. Firstly, the treatment excels in improving overall skin texture, leaving the complexion smoother and more radiant. It proves highly effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, offering a rejuvenated appearance and minimizing signs of aging. This procedure takes advantage of its ability to stimulate collagen production, promoting firmer and more youthful skin over time. What sets Beauty Booster/Skin Booster Microneedling apart is its non-invasive nature, providing clients with a comfortable experience and minimal downtime, thanks to the precision of the v2 Injector Microneedling technology. Beyond the immediate effects, clients can enjoy long-lasting results, making Beauty Booster/Skin Booster Microneedling an enduring solution for those seeking comprehensive skin enhancement.

This innovative procedure tackles a range of concerns such as acne scarring, fine lines, pigmentation issues, and uneven skin tone. The v2 Injector technology employed at our clinic ensures precision and adaptability, allowing us to tailor treatments to individual skin conditions. The microneedling process stimulates collagen production, aiding in the reduction of acne scars and fine lines while promoting a more even skin tone. For pigmentation concerns, Beauty Booster/Skin Booster Microneedling targets specific areas, fostering a balanced complexion.

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Expected Treatment Results

Skin Booster Microneedling Treatment Results

Expect improved skin texture, diminished fine lines, and an overall revitalized appearance. The v2 Injector technology ensures precision and effectiveness, delivering a comfortable treatment experience. Results unfold progressively, with minor swelling and redness immediately post-session, subsiding within hours. Noticeable improvements manifest within days, especially in skin texture, and weeks 2-4 showcase substantial enhancements, including reduced fine lines and improved elasticity. Peak collagen production at months 2-3 contributes to continuous refinement. The long-lasting effects are immediate and enduring, with sustained collagen synthesis ensuring prolonged skin rejuvenation.

Treatment Process

Skin Booster Microneedling Treatment Process

The journey begins with an initial consultation at Victoria Rose Aesthetics Clinic, where our skilled practitioners assess individual skin needs and discuss specific concerns. This personalized approach ensures that the Beauty Booster/Skin Booster Microneedling treatment plan aligns with the client’s unique aesthetic goals

The microneedling sessions with the v2 Injector are conducted based on the personalized plan developed during the consultation. The number of sessions required and the duration of each session will be outlined to the client, ensuring transparency and understanding throughout the process.

Clients can expect immediate results post-treatment, experiencing improved skin texture, reduced fine lines, and a rejuvenated glow. The v2 Injector’s precision and the selected Beauty Booster/Skin Booster solutions contribute to these noticeable improvements.

Following the microneedling session, clients receive comprehensive guidance on post-treatment care. This aftercare advice is designed to optimize and prolong the benefits of Beauty Booster/Skin Booster Microneedling, promoting a smooth and comfortable recovery process.

To maintain and enhance the achieved results, follow-up sessions are essential. Our practitioners emphasize the importance of scheduled follow-up treatments, ensuring sustained improvements in skin texture, reduced fine lines, and overall skin rejuvenation.

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Combining Skin Booster with Other Treatments

Skin Booster Microneedling seamlessly integrates with other aesthetic procedures at Victoria Rose Aesthetics Clinic, fostering comprehensive skin rejuvenation by enhancing overall treatment outcomes.


 The collagen-stimulating effects of microneedling complement a variety of procedures, promoting a synergistic approach. For a holistic strategy, Beauty Booster/Skin Booster Microneedling can be combined with services like BelaMD facials and chemical peels, amplifying benefits and addressing a diverse range of skin concerns. This multi-dimensional approach to skin renewal allows clients to customize their aesthetic journey based on unique needs. Our practitioners, skilled in tailoring these combinations, ensure optimal and personalized results for each client at Victoria Rose Aesthetics.


Exosomes Booster

Enhance the effectiveness of your facial with the revolutionary addition of exosome boosters from the trusted BENEV brand. Exosomes, tiny vesicles packed with potent growth factors and signaling molecules, work wonders in rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin at a cellular level.

Skin club membership

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Skin Booster faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Skin Booster Microneedling with the v2 Injector is an advanced aesthetic procedure that utilizes fine needles and the v2 Injector technology to create controlled micro-injuries on the skin, stimulating collagen production and enhancing skin texture.

The v2 Injector enhances microneedling by providing precision and accuracy during the procedure. It ensures a consistent and customized delivery of skin-boosting solutions, optimizing the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

The procedure is generally well-tolerated. Topical numbing cream is applied before the session to minimize any discomfort during the treatment.

The number of sessions may vary based on individual skin concerns, but a series of sessions, usually spaced a few weeks apart, is recommended for optimal results.

Skin Booster Microneedling addresses concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and acne scarring, providing a versatile solution for various skin conditions.

There may be minor redness and swelling immediately after the session, but these typically subside within a few hours. Patients can resume normal activities with minimal downtime.

Noticeable improvements in skin texture can be observed within days, with substantial enhancements, including reduced fine lines, becoming apparent around weeks 2-4.

Yes, the results are both immediate and lasting. Continued collagen synthesis ensures prolonged skin rejuvenation, contributing to enduring improvements.

Yes, Skin Booster Microneedling can be synergistically combined with other aesthetic procedures, enhancing overall treatment outcomes.

Skin Booster Microneedling is generally suitable for various skin types, but an initial consultation is recommended to assess individual needs.

Following a good skincare routine, protecting the skin from sun exposure, and attending recommended follow-up sessions contribute to maintaining the results of Skin Booster Microneedling over the long term.

There is no specific age limit, and suitability is assessed based on individual skin conditions and goals.

Avoiding makeup for the first 24 hours after the procedure is generally recommended to allow the skin to heal.

Yes, when performed by trained and experienced professionals, Skin Booster Microneedling with the v2 Injector is considered safe.

Patients can usually resume their regular skincare routine a few days after the procedure, following any specific post-treatment guidelines provided.

Skin Booster Microneedling is commonly performed on the face but can also be used on other areas of the body with specific concerns.

It is generally recommended to avoid microneedling during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Consultation with a healthcare professional is advised.

Following a good skincare routine, protecting the skin from sun exposure, and attending recommended follow-up sessions contribute to maintaining the results of Skin Booster Microneedling over the long term.

Minor side effects may include temporary redness, swelling, and tenderness, which typically resolve within a short period after the treatment.

Collagen stimulation induced by microneedling helps improve skin elasticity, reduce fine lines, and contribute to an overall more youthful appearance.