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Wellness Vitamin Shots

At Victoria Rose Aesthetic Clinic, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of Wellness Vitamin Shots to address a variety of common health concerns and optimize overall well-being. Our Wellness Vitamin Shots, including TripleDefense, NADcreation, BiotinLixer, MethylB12Pro, ShapeUp, and Glutathione, are carefully formulated to provide targeted nutrition and support for various health goals. These shots are designed to boost immunity, enhance energy levels, promote hair and skin health, support metabolic function, and aid in detoxification, among other benefits.

Our aesthetic clinics specialize in delivering these Wellness Vitamin Shots using premium-quality ingredients sourced from the renowned Farsk brand, ensuring optimal efficacy and safety for our clients.


The Immune Shot

Combines immune-boosting nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, & elderberry extract to strengthen your body’s defences against infections.

The Youth Shot

 Formulated with nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), this shot supports cellular energy production and DNA repair.

The Hair, Skin, & Nails Shot

For individuals looking to improve the strength & appearance of their hair & nails while maintaining healthy skin.

Body Contouring
The Skinny Shot

Boosts metabolism, increases energy levels, and enhances exercise performance, making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts.

The Glow Shot

 It’s beneficial for enhancing skin radiance, supporting immune function, and reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

The Energy

It’s a great choice for combating fatigue, improving mood, and supporting cognitive health.

Vitamin Shots

Promote Optimal Health

At Victoria Rose Aesthetic Clinic, we offer a diverse selection of Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots designed to target various health concerns and optimize overall well-being. Our range includes TripleDefense, NADcreation, BiotinLixer, MethylB12Pro, ShapeUp, and Glutathione. Each Wellness Vitamin Shot is formulated with a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to address specific health needs and promote optimal functioning of the body. From immune support and energy enhancement to detoxification and skin rejuvenation, our Wellness Vitamin Shots are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With ingredients like vitamin C, zinc, B vitamins, and amino acids, these shots provide a concentrated dose of nutrients that are readily absorbed by the body, ensuring maximum effectiveness and results.

Wellness Vitamin Shots are formulated with specific blends of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants designed to address particular health concerns. With formulations such as TripleDefense for immune support, BiotinLixer for hair, skin, and nails, and Glutathione for detoxification and skin rejuvenation, individuals can choose the shot that best addresses their specific needs. Additionally, customization options may be available to further tailor the shots to individual requirements, ensuring personalized care and optimal results.

Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots provide a convenient and efficient way to deliver essential nutrients directly into the body. Administered via injection, these shots ensure rapid absorption, bypassing the digestive system for maximum effectiveness. This method allows for quick delivery of nutrients, making it an ideal option for individuals seeking immediate results.

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Vitamin Shots

Our Available Wellness Vitamin Shots


MethylB12Pro stands out as a vital supplement, drawing from a blend of essential ingredients aimed at optimizing both physical and cognitive health. Central to its formulation is methylcobalamin, the active form of vitamin B12, recognized for its pivotal role in energy production, nerve function, and red blood cell formation. This potent blend is further enriched with other B vitamins like B6 and B9 (folate), contributing to enhanced cardiovascular health and cognitive function. The benefits of MethylB12Pro extend beyond mere supplementation, offering a holistic approach to well-being. By boosting energy levels, uplifting mood, and supporting brain health, this supplement proves effective in alleviating symptoms associated with fatigue, depression, and cognitive decline, empowering individuals to embrace vitality and mental clarity.
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Formulated with a potent blend of immune-boosting nutrients, including vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry extract, along with antioxidants like selenium and vitamin D. This shot is specifically designed to bolster the immune system, empowering the body to combat infections and illnesses effectively. By reducing the severity and duration of colds, flu, and other viral infections, TripleDefense promotes overall health and vitality, offering individuals a proactive approach to maintaining their well-being.
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NADcreation is meticulously crafted with key ingredients, including nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a pivotal coenzyme pivotal in cellular energy production and DNA repair. Complementing this, it may also feature essential nutrients like magnesium and B vitamins, fortifying energy metabolism and bolstering overall cellular health. This potent blend fosters a myriad of benefits, elevating energy levels, sharpening cognitive function, and nurturing holistic well-being. By optimizing mitochondrial function and fostering cellular repair and regeneration, NADcreation not only rejuvenates but also holds promise in potentially decelerating the aging process, offering a comprehensive approach to vitality and longevity.
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BiotinLixer boasts a carefully curated blend of ingredients aimed at nurturing external vitality and promoting overall health. Its primary component, biotin, also recognized as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, assumes a pivotal role in fostering the health of hair, skin, and nails. This formulation is further enriched with additional B vitamins like B12 and folic acid, which contribute to overall well-being and metabolic function. As a result, BiotinLixer emerges as an invaluable asset for individuals seeking to enhance the strength and appearance of their hair, skin, and nails. With its ability to combat hair loss, stimulate hair growth, fortify nails, and uphold the health of the skin, BiotinLixer offers a comprehensive solution for promoting external beauty and vitality.
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ShapeUp presents a comprehensive blend of ingredients meticulously chosen to support weight management and optimize physical performance. Its formulation includes a synergy of amino acids such as arginine, carnitine, and taurine, renowned for their roles in metabolism, fat burning, and muscle development. Additionally, ShapeUp may incorporate supplemental nutrients like chromium and green tea extract, further enhancing its efficacy in promoting weight loss and energy production. The benefits of ShapeUp extend beyond mere supplementation, offering a holistic solution for individuals striving to attain their fitness and weight loss objectives. By aiding in weight loss, facilitating fat burning, and promoting muscle toning, ShapeUp effectively boosts metabolism, elevates energy levels, and enhances exercise performance, empowering individuals on their journey towards improved health and well-being.
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Build IV therapy is tailored to support muscle recovery, repair, and growth. It often contains amino acids such as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), including leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which play a crucial role in muscle protein synthesis and repair. Other nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and potassium may also be included to support muscle function, hydration, and electrolyte balance. Build IV therapy is ideal for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone recovering from intense physical activity who wants to optimize muscle recovery and growth.
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Treatment Process
Wellness Vitamin Shot
Treatment Process

Prior to receiving any Wellness Vitamin Shot at our clinic, each client undergoes a comprehensive initial consultation. This session allows our experienced healthcare professionals to assess individual needs, health history, and specific goals. During this consultation, we discuss any existing medical conditions, allergies, or concerns to ensure the safest and most effective treatment plan tailored to the client’s unique requirements. We also take this opportunity to answer any questions or address any uncertainties the client may have about the procedure or the Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots available.

The process of receiving a Wellness Vitamin Shot at our clinic involves several essential steps to ensure optimal delivery and absorption of nutrients. Once the client is comfortably seated, a registered nurse or healthcare provider will administer the selected Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shot. This typically involves injecting the solution into a muscle or under the skin, allowing the nutrients to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Throughout the treatment session, clients can relax in a comfortable environment while receiving the injection. Our healthcare professionals closely monitor the process to ensure safety and comfort.

Following the Wellness Vitamin Shot session, clients can experience immediate effects and benefits from the Farsk treatment. Depending on the specific shot received, clients may notice increased energy levels, improved mood, enhanced cognitive function, or other targeted benefits. It’s important to note that individual responses may vary, and the full effects of the treatment may continue to develop over the following hours and days.

To optimize and prolong the benefits of the Wellness Vitamin Shot, we provide comprehensive guidance on post-treatment care. This may include recommendations for staying hydrated, maintaining a balanced diet, getting adequate rest, and avoiding strenuous activities immediately after the session. Additionally, our healthcare professionals are available to address any concerns or questions that may arise following the treatment. We emphasize the importance of following any aftercare instructions provided to ensure the best possible outcomes.

While many clients experience immediate benefits from their initial Wellness Vitamin Shot session, we emphasize the importance of follow-up treatments for achieving sustained results. Depending on individual needs and treatment goals, our healthcare professionals may recommend a personalized treatment schedule to maintain optimal health and wellness. Follow-up shots allow for continued support, adjustments to the treatment plan as needed, and ongoing monitoring of progress to ensure long-term success.

Iv Treatments

Experience Rejuvenating Results from Wellness Vitamin Shots

Experience the revitalizing effects of Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots, seamlessly integrated into your wellness routine for enhanced vitality and well-being. With each shot, clients can anticipate a gradual boost in energy levels, improved immune function, radiant skin, and optimized muscle recovery. Farsk’s advanced vitamin shot solutions deliver essential nutrients directly into the body, ensuring efficient absorption and maximum effectiveness. Unlike temporary fixes like supplements or energy drinks, Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots provide long-lasting results, promoting overall health and confidence with every injection.

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Vitamin Shot faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots are intravenous injections containing a combination of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients designed to support various aspects of health and wellness.

These shots deliver essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system for faster absorption and optimal effectiveness.

Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots offer benefits such as increased energy levels, improved immune function, enhanced skin health, and optimized muscle recovery.

Anyone looking to boost their overall health and well-being, improve specific health concerns, or optimize athletic performance can benefit from Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots.

Yes, Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots are generally safe when administered by trained healthcare professionals. They are formulated with high-quality ingredients and undergo strict quality control measures.

The administration process typically takes around 5 minutes, depending on the specific shot and individual factors.

Side effects are rare but may include minor discomfort, swelling or bruising at the injection site. These effects usually subside quickly. There may be other potential side effects and your health care provider will discuss these with you. 

The frequency of shots depends on individual needs and goals. Some may benefit from weekly shots, while others may opt for monthly or occasional treatments.

Yes, depending on your specific health concerns and goals, you can customize your treatment plan by combining different Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots.

It's essential to inform your healthcare provider of any medications or supplements you are taking to ensure there are no potential interactions.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult with their healthcare provider before receiving Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots to ensure safety.

There is typically no need to fast before receiving a Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shot, but it's essential to follow any specific instructions provided by your healthcare provider.

While Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots can support overall health and wellness, they are not specifically designed for weight loss. However, optimizing nutrient levels may indirectly support weight management efforts.

Coverage varies depending on your insurance plan. It's best to check with your insurance provider to determine coverage options.

Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots may help alleviate symptoms associated with hangovers by replenishing essential nutrients and hydration levels.

Some individuals may experience immediate effects, such as increased energy or improved mood, while others may notice benefits over the following hours or days.

No special preparation is typically required before receiving a Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shot. It's essential to stay hydrated and follow any pre-treatment instructions provided by your healthcare provider.

Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots can be tailored to accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences. Your healthcare provider can help customize a treatment plan accordingly.

Farsk Wellness Vitamin Shots are generally designed for adults. Pediatric patients should consult with a healthcare provider before receiving these shots.

You can schedule an appointment with our clinic by contacting us directly via phone or email. Our team will be happy to assist you in booking a convenient appointment time.