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BelaMD Facial

The BelaMD Facial is a transformative treatment that offers a comprehensive approach to rejuvenating and enhancing your skin’s health and appearance. It combines essential treatments like medical-grade dermabrasion, deep cleansing with hydrogen infusion, and serum infusion. It also incorporates muscle stimulation, antioxidant action, and electroporation to enhance both the treatment experience and results. BELA provides a comprehensive solution for common skin issues like hyperpigmentation, rosacea, melasma, and aging skin rejuvenation. Offering customizable treatment options and targeted serum solutions, BELA effectively addresses concerns such as aging, dehydration, acne, and photodamage, ensuring optimal skin treatment and protection 

At Victoria Rose Aesthetics Clinic, we specialize in the BelaMD Facial with added LED light therapy to target a diverse range of skin concerns, ensuring our clients experience the full spectrum of benefits.



Acne is a common skin condition marked by pimples and inflammation.


Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of patches on the skin caused by excessive melanin production.


Rosacea is a chronic skin condition characterized by facial redness, visible blood vessels, and sometimes pimple-like bumps.

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Melasma is a common skin condition marked by patches of darker skin.

Skin Rejuvenation

Fine lines, uneven tone, texture irregularities, and overall firmness.

Aging Skin

Aging skin conditions include wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, loss of elasticity, uneven tone, and texture changes.


Beauty and Aesthetics with Micro-Dermabrasion

BelaMD, or “Beauty and Aesthetics with Micro Dermabrasion,” by Luvo, seamlessly integrates diamond microdermabrasion, hydrogen water and potent serum infusions for unparalleled skincare benefits. BelaMD harnesses the power of microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulation to tone and enhance circulation, while electroporation ensures deep serum delivery for lasting impact. Our aesthetic clinic offers the BelaMD facial with additional capabilities from the Electroporation handpiece, ultrasonic skin scrubber, Y handpiece and LED light therapy. The Electroporation Handpiece utilizes electrical pulses to create temporary micropores in the skin’s membranes, enhancing the absorption of serums and other treatments for optimal skin rejuvenation. Meanwhile, the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber employs oscillating ultrasonic vibrations to gently exfoliate the skin, removing impurities and promoting clearer skin by enhancing the absorption of skincare products. Additionally, the Y Handpiece combines massage and electrical pulse technology to stimulate deep muscles, improving skin elasticity and promoting lymphatic drainage for a firmer, toned appearance with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

The BelaMD advanced treatment specifically targets and effectively manages concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, skin cancer prevention and care, melasma, and the rejuvenation of aging skin. For acne treatment, BelaMD gently clears impurities and stimulates skin renewal, while hyperpigmentation is combated through precise exfoliation and bio-infusion serum penetration. Rosacea management is achieved by promoting skin health and reducing inflammation, and skin cancer prevention involves comprehensive care to maintain skin integrity. Additionally, BelaMD excels in controlling melasma and rejuvenating aging skin through targeted therapies.

BelaMD treatment offers a comprehensive solution for improving skin health and appearance. Through its advanced technology and carefully formulated products, BelaMD effectively addresses a range of concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. By promoting collagen production and enhancing skin rejuvenation, BelaMD helps to restore a youthful glow and firmness to the skin. Additionally, its gentle yet effective formulations minimize pore size and reduce the visibility of acne scars, leading to smoother and more even skin texture. With regular use, BelaMD not only transforms the skin’s appearance but also promotes long-term skin health, leaving you with radiant and youthful-looking skin.

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Expected Treatment Results

BelaMD Treatment Results

In the short term, fine lines and wrinkles begin to diminish, while skin tone and texture improve, showcasing a more even complexion. By the mid-term, increased collagen production imparts firmness, and targeted concerns like hyperpigmentation and acne scars exhibit noticeable reduction. Long-term benefits unfold as sustained collagen production leads to lasting firmness and youthfulness, with a cumulative improvement in overall skin health. Maintenance sessions and follow-up appointments ensure the continued enhancement and sustainability of these results.

Treatment Process

BelaMD Treatment Process

This comprehensive assessment dives into your skincare needs, analyzes facial dynamics, and addresses any queries related to BelaMD. During this phase, you will also have the opportunity to select the appropriate bio-infusion serums tailored to your specific skin concerns, as well as discuss the additional capabilities of the Electroporation handpiece, ultrasonic skin scrubber, Y handpiece, and LED light therapy.

During the 75-minute BelaMD experience, patients may encounter minimal discomfort during certain procedures such as diamond microdermabrasion, extraction, and microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulation. However, any discomfort experienced is typically mild and temporary, often well-tolerated by most individuals. The meticulous application of these techniques, along with the addition of hydrogen water infusion and antioxidant boosts, aims to minimize discomfort while maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment. Our practitioners prioritize patient comfort throughout the session, ensuring a relaxing and rejuvenating experience from start to finish.

Post-BelaMD, you may experience temporary side effects like minimal redness or sensitivity, which typically diminish within a few hours. Mineral makeup application is allowed after 8 hours with minimal pressure. Our practitioners will also provide guidance on post-treatment care tailored to maximize the benefits of the additional capabilities integrated into your BelaMD session.

  • To optimize and maintain your BelaMD results, it’s essential to avoid strenuous activities, hot tubs, and saunas in the immediate aftermath of treatment. Our team will provide detailed aftercare instructions, including specific recommendations for incorporating the benefits of the Electroporation handpiece, ultrasonic skin scrubber, Y handpiece, and LED light therapy into your skincare routine.

We recommend scheduling a two-week follow-up assessment post your initial BelaMD session. This follow-up allows us to assess your skin’s response, document results for medical purposes, and maintain confidentiality in your patient records.


Facial Treatments

Comparing the BelaMD Facial Treatment

When comparing belaMD treatment to other options in its category, efficacy, convenience, and cost-effectiveness are key considerations. belaMD treatment offers a comprehensive skincare approach, blending prescription-strength topical medications with personalized guidance from healthcare professionals.

 While other treatments like over-the-counter products or single-ingredient prescriptions may be more accessible and affordable, they often lack the tailored guidance and comprehensive approach of belaMD. Furthermore, belaMD treatment provides convenience through its online platform, enabling users to consult with healthcare professionals and receive prescribed medications without in-person appointments. This accessibility may be particularly advantageous for individuals with busy schedules or limited access to healthcare facilities. While the initial investment in belaMD treatment may be higher than over-the-counter products, the potential for more effective results and personalized care may justify the cost for many users.

Exosomes Booster

Enhance the effectiveness of your facial with the revolutionary addition of exosome boosters from the trusted BENEV brand. Exosomes, tiny vesicles packed with potent growth factors and signaling molecules, work wonders in rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin at a cellular level.

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Belamd faq

Frequently Asked Questions

BelaMD is an advanced medical facial that combines diamond microdermabrasion, extraction, serum infusion, and various cutting-edge technologies. Unlike traditional facials, BelaMD goes beyond surface-level treatments, targeting diverse skin concerns with a comprehensive approach.

Yes, BelaMD is versatile and can be customized to suit different skin types and concerns. During the initial consultation, our practitioners assess your skin to tailor the treatment for optimal results.


The duration of a BelaMD session varies, but it generally takes about 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the specific needs and concerns being addressed.

BelaMD is a non-invasive treatment, and while some clients may experience mild discomfort during certain phases, the overall procedure is well-tolerated. Practitioners prioritize client comfort throughout the session.

The number of sessions required depends on individual skin concerns. Typically, a series of sessions spaced a few weeks apart is recommended for sustained and enhanced results.

Yes, BelaMD is effective in addressing acne concerns by incorporating extraction and serum infusion. It can also contribute to reducing the appearance of acne scars over time.

While there may be minimal redness or swelling immediately after the session, there is generally no significant downtime associated with BelaMD. Clients can usually resume their 

regular activities shortly after treatment

Immediate results, such as improved skin texture and a refreshed appearance, are noticeable after the first session. Long-term results develop over subsequent sessions and may continue to improve for several weeks

Mineral makeup can be applied after 8 hours of a BelaMD session, using minimal pressure to ensure optimal skin recovery.

Yes, aftercare instructions include avoiding strenuous activities, hot tubs/saunas, facials, alcohol, and certain medications for a specified period to optimize results.

BelaMD stimulates collagen production and incorporates advanced technologies to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, promoting a more youthful complexion.

Depending on individual needs, BelaMD can be combined with other treatments. Your practitioner will provide personalized recommendations during the consultation.

BelaMD stands out with its comprehensive approach, incorporating diamond microdermabrasion, serum infusion, and advanced technologies for a customized and effective solution.

Yes, BelaMD targets hyperpigmentation by combining microdermabrasion and bio-infusion serum penetration to reduce uneven skin tone.

BelaMD is suitable for individuals of various age groups seeking skin rejuvenation. The treatment can be customized to address specific concerns associated with different life stages.

The longevity of BelaMD results varies, but with proper aftercare and maintenance sessions, clients can enjoy sustained improvements over an extended period.

While BelaMD is primarily designed for facial treatments, certain aspects of the procedure can be adapted for targeted body treatments. Consult with our practitioners for specific inquiries.

Yes, BelaMD is designed to manage conditions like rosacea by promoting overall skin health and reducing inflammation through its multi-faceted approach.

A follow-up treatment is typically scheduled two weeks after the initial BelaMD session to assess your skin's response and document results for ongoing care and customization.