Aesthetic Training

Introduction to Injectables

The beginner course in facial aesthetics provides a foundational understanding of the principles and practices essential for safe and effective administration of neurotoxins and dermal fillers. Through a structured curriculum, participants are introduced to key concepts such as facial anatomy, the aging process, and patient assessment. They learn about different neurotoxin brands, their pharmacokinetics, and injection techniques. Similarly, the course covers the science behind dermal fillers, including their composition, rheology, and injection considerations. Hands-on training sessions under expert guidance allow participants to develop practical skills in treatment preparation, reconstitution, and injection techniques. By the end of the course, participants gain confidence in conducting consultations, identifying contraindications, and managing adverse effects, ensuring they are well-equipped to embark on their journey in the field of facial aesthetics with a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills.

Day 1: Toxin

Understanding the concept of beauty and attractiveness in facial aesthetics. Exploring societal perceptions and individual preferences.

Comprehending the physiological changes associated with aging, particularly in the context of facial aesthetics.

In-depth exploration of facial anatomy, focusing on muscles involved in facial expression and their relevance to toxin treatments.

Practical insights into dosing strategies and injection techniques for administering neurotoxins effectively and safely

Identification and management of potential complications arising from neurotoxin treatments, emphasizing patient safety and well-being.

Tracing the historical development and evolution of botulinum toxin as a cosmetic treatment modality.

Comparison of different neuromodulator brands, including their efficacy, duration of action, and unique characteristics.

Understanding the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of neuromodulators to optimize treatment outcomes.

Recognizing contraindications and other factors influencing patient candidacy for neurotoxin treatments.

Developing skills in facial assessment and conducting comprehensive consultations to tailor treatments to individual patient needs

Guidelines for providing patients with thorough pre and post-treatment instructions to enhance treatment outcomes and minimize risks

Practical training in preparation, reconstitution, and handling of neurotoxin products and associated supplies.

Opportunity for hands-on practice under expert supervision to reinforce theoretical knowledge and enhance injection skills.

Day 2: Filler

Key principles and strategies for building and maintaining a successful practice in facial aesthetics.

Understanding legal and regulatory aspects, including considerations related to insurance, fees, services, marketing, and advertising in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Exploring the scientific principles underlying the use of dermal fillers in facial rejuvenation and enhancement.

Detailed examination of facial anatomy relevant to dermal filler treatments, with emphasis on safety and optimal outcomes.

Practical guidance on dosing calculations and injection techniques for achieving natural-looking results with dermal fillers.

Understanding the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties, as well as the rheological characteristics, of dermal fillers to inform treatment decisions.

Comparative analysis of different dermal filler brands, including their composition, indications, and injection characteristics.

Continuation of facial assessment skills development and conducting thorough consultations for dermal filler treatments.

Recognition and management of potential complications associated with dermal filler injections, with an emphasis on patient safety.

Practical hands-on experience with dermal filler injections under expert supervision, consolidating theoretical knowledge and refining injection techniques.


Private one-on-one Learning Experiences

Victoria Rose Aesthetics was established in 2017 with the goal to offer a Training Program that empowered and supported nurses & doctors to successfully and safely start a medical aesthetics practice. Victoria’s passion is teaching and this has been demonstrated through her past experience in helping develop and teach cosmetic training programs at Centennial College, Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, and Clarion Medical Technologies. The Victoria Rose Training Academy was created because Victoria discovered a gap in larger main-stream training schools: large class sizes and insufficient hands on training experience.


Package 1

Our beginner training program provides an intensive two-day immersion into the theory and hands-on practice of Botox and fillers.


Package 2

Our training program includes two-day immersion into the theory and hands-on practice of Botox and fillers. With 8 additional hours of shadowing


Full Day Shadowing

Enhance your training experience with the option for a full day of shadowing or mentorship, providing invaluable hands-on learning opportunities.

Training Course FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no specific prerequisites for our beginner courses. However, participants must have a keen interest in facial aesthetics and a desire to learn.

The beginner courses typically span two full days, providing comprehensive instruction and hands-on practice.

Yes, participants who achieve a 90% pass grade on the final quiz will receive a certificate accredited by our institution.

Yes, we offer continued support and review sessions until participants achieve success in the course.

The facial anatomy section covers essential structures, such as muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, relevant to neurotoxin and dermal filler treatments.

Yes, hands-on training sessions under expert guidance are included to develop practical skills in treatment preparation, injection techniques, and more.

Participants learn to recognize, prevent, and manage complications and adverse effects associated with neurotoxin and dermal filler injections.

Yes, the courses cover a range of neurotoxin brands, their pharmacokinetics, dosing, and injection techniques.

Participants gain insights into the composition, rheology, pharmacokinetics, and injection considerations of dermal fillers.

Yes, our beginner courses are designed to accommodate individuals with diverse backgrounds, including those without prior medical or aesthetic experience.

Yes, participants must achieve a 90% pass grade on the final quiz to receive their certificate.

Yes, the courses cover facial assessment techniques, patient consultation, and pre and post-treatment instructions.

Yes, students in medical or nursing programs are welcome to enroll in our beginner courses to gain foundational knowledge in facial aesthetics.

Yes, participants learn about treatment preparation, product reconstitution, and necessary supplies for neurotoxin and dermal filler treatments.

Yes, our courses provide opportunities for networking and collaboration with other participants, fostering a supportive learning community.

The courses cover legalities, regulations, and professional standards relevant to aesthetic practice, ensuring participants are well-informed and compliant.

Yes, mentorship and shadowing opportunities are available as add-ons to further enhance your learning experience

We offer guidance on practice setup, marketing strategies, and business management to help participants establish successful aesthetic practices.

Yes, we offer advanced training programs, continuing education courses, and specialized workshops to support ongoing professional development and skill enhancement.

Yes, hands-on training sessions allow participants to develop practical skills in injection techniques under expert guidance.