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Chemical Peels

We offer eight different peels that address individual skin pathologies and skincare needs. The active ingredients of each peel will address both upper and middle layers of the skin in order to achieve the optimum result; renewed, revitalised skin.

Our Chemical Peels will improves the appearance of the skin, minimizes signs of ageing, brightens, reduces hyper pigmentation and various other skin abnormalities.

We have a selection of 7 types of peels:

Skin Recovery Peel

Its potent keratolytic action effectively improves severe acne and stretch marks, reducing breakouts and restructuring the skin.

Glyco-Age Peel

Chemical peel that promotes epidermal cell turnover, balances skin’s moisture levels, and improves its texture.

Mg-TCA35 Peel

Resurfacing peel that combines Salicylic and Chloroacetic Acid for dermal regeneration and revitalization. The skin regains its energy, elasticity, and radiance.

Bio C Peel

Soft exfoliation that achieves a spectacular glow effect. After a single session, the skin will have a rejuvenated and brighter appearance.

Mandelage Peel

Mandelic Acid peel for the treatment of moderate skin aging, superficial pigmentations, and open pores. Its actives renew the epidermis and even the skin tone.

Redness Peel

Chemical peel for rosacea-prone skin. It regulates skin microcirculation, reducing inflammation and vascular spiders. Provides an even and radiant complexion.

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